YUDU Reader Walkthrough

The YUDU Reader interface has been designed to appear as simplistic and sleek as possible but hide a number of great tools and features that the reader can make use of. Here we go through a few of the options on the toolbar to ensure you are fully up to date with the offering of the YUDU Reader.


Listed below are the various options across the tool bar starting left to right:

  More about YUDU   Contents/Thumbnails
  Highlights   Notes
   Bookmarks    Share the publication
   Download offline version    Change page mode
   Print    Fit to with mode
    Zoom    Navigation Controls

Navigation Bar - Using the navigation bar, users can click to the next and previous page with the arrows, to the end or beggining of an publication using the vertical bars, or type a number into the centre field to navigate directly to a page. 

Search Features - The search feature allows users to find any terms within a digital publication (as long as the PDF has text embedded when uploaded to YUDU Publisher).

Archive Search is also available - click here to find out how to enable the feature.

Full Screen - The user can now select to view the browser version in full screen.

Help - A URL specified by the publisher, this can point to your own website or YUDU.


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