Uploading A Publication

Logging into YUDU Publisher will provide the user with an overview of the account, where two buttons in particular are very useful:

  • New Folder - A folder contains a number of groups, or titles.
  • New Group - A group contains a number of publications.

Click New group to create a new title, enter the name and select Submit.

Once a new folder and/or new group has been created, the folder/group view will be shown and this is where a list of publications will be presented once created.

Simply click on New Edition in the top right to begin creating a publication in YUDU Publisher.

The following image shows the next screen which prompts for a Name and a Short Name:

  • Name - The name given to the publication appears both in YUDU Publisher and at the very top of the internet browser window when opened on a PC/Mac.
  • On-Device Name - The name given when viewing from an application on iOS or Android platforms.
  • Short Name - The short name is evident at the end of the live link once the final publication is produced. 

Note: No spaces are allowed in the short name and a 20 character limit is applied.

Once entered, hitting submit will prompt the browser to navigate for your PDF.

Click Browse to navigate for your PDF to upload, then hit Upload File

The next stage is completely automated and consists of the initial file upload (a green loader bar) which when completed will begin processing the files as shown in the image below. 

This process converts the PDF file to a page turning digital format as seen in the final product. It is also useful to note that a page failure count is included in case your file has not been fully optimised and contains elements which will hinder the reader or production.

Once completed, the browser will automatically refresh to the Publication Home screen to confirm a successful upload and guide you through to the next stages.



Preview Your Publication

Edit Branding

Deleting A Publication

Editing Pages

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