Editing Pages

The Pages menu allows you to organise the pages within your publication, whether it be adding, removing or storing pages for a later date. Furthermore from this menu you are also able to relabel the pages and edit certain characteristics.

To access the Pages menu, simply click Pages in the top right corner of your publication production screen:


When selected you will be presented with an overview of the pages within your publication along with the Clipboard: 


Move Pages - To move pages, click and drag the page into the require placement in the publication. 


Page Settings - to edit an individual page label, attach a gatefold page or edit the plain text of a publication, simply click the cog underneath the page you wish to edit. 

Note: the overlay editor can also be accessed here.


Clipboard - any pages that you would like to temporarily remove from the publication can be placed in the Clipboard. These pages are stored until you delete them but do not appear in your publication.


Delete Pages - to remove pages, select the tick box underneath the pages you would like to remove, and from the drop down menu above, select Delete selected page(s).


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