HTML Branding - Introduction Page

To the left of a HTML publication one can implement an introduction page, the same size as the front cover of the publication, and this essentially allows for many opportunities:

The implementation of the page is very easy and simply requires a PDF that is the same dimensions as the front cover of your publication.


Upload Your Intro Page PDF

Within your publications YUDU Publisher screen, click the Files menu and then click Upload.

From here you need to browse for your PDF file then from the special usage drop down select the Intro Page PDF:

Selecting Upload File will take you back to the Files section once the file has finished processing and is now ready to be applied to the edition.

Apply Your Intro Page PDF

To do this, click the Settings menu option and select the Branding sub tab.

Scroll down to the Intro Page subheading and from the drop down menu select your PDF:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit Submit to confirm the change.

Add Overlays To Your Intro Page

Should you wish to add further content to the Intro Page, select the Pages menu option and click Edit Intro to the left of the front cover of your publication to open the overlay editor:


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