Rollover Overlays

What are they?  

Well, they’re an extension of the existing SmartCat system, that being a system that will take in a CSV with certain information, and scan the publications for matching product codes to the ones in the CSV.  The rollovers extension requires a second CSV in addition to the first, with some different information (but still the same product codes).  This information is shown in the screen grab below, but is basically the title, price, description and an image URL.

The rollover is the grey region with the data inside

There are two parts to this effect - data and design.  The data comes direct from the CSV that the user uploads.  Any images need to be in the form of a URL.  That data will automatically be injected into the design file, which is also completely customisable.


Before you begin...

Ensure that a price list CSV is already uploaded containing the product information - see Preparing & Upload Your CSV on how to do this.


The design side for each platform is as follows:

  • For Flash and Android publications, this is in the form of a Flash file (for Android, it’s packaged during the application build process). You can find the guide here:

Brand Your Rollovers - Flash

  • For HTML and iOS, it’s HTML (again, for iOS, it’s packaged into the application build process). Download the branding pack below or talk to your production technician for more information:

Brand Your Rollovers - HTML


Create a CSV to upload for Rollover Overlays

Creating the CSV for the Rollover Overlays is very much like the guide on preparing & uploading your CSV for Smartcat, but with different column names in the original file.

Enter the data underneath each field, ensuring the headings are EXACTLY the same as above and the data is correct (ie the URL is valid, the price is numerical, etc).

Once the spreadsheet has been completed with all entries required, click File -> Save as... and ensure that Windows Comma Separated CSV is selected:

The file is now prepared and ready for upload to YUDU Publishers eCommerce section.


Uploading to YUDU Publisher 

Now that the file is in the correct format we can upload it to YUDU Publisher.

Navigate to your digital publication in the system, click Settings in the top right menu and then select eCommerce:


Navigate to the Smart Catalog section and ensure Enable smart catalog is ticked. Next, click Upload a rollover list file:

Simply browse for your CSV file by clicking Select File then hit Upload File.

Once complete, the file data will automatically associate with the CSV pricelist uploaded and your Rollover Overlays are automatically applied.




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