Enable & Customise the Shopping Cart/Order Form

Following from the preparation and upload of your csv file to YUDU Publisher, if you have used method 2 in the guide we will now look into enabling and editing the order form/shopping cart facility.

The options to enable and edit the technology can be found by navigating to your publication and clicking the Settings label in the top right menu, then clicking eCommerce.


Enable/Edit Order Form

Ensuring that the Enable order form tickbox is checked, you can alter the email address to which orders are sent, the currency symbol used for pricing of products, and the explanatory text that helps the users understand the order form.


Enable/Edit Smartcat

Ensuring that Enable Smartcat is checked, one can upload new pricing files and select a graphic that will appear to purchase products (more on rollover overlays can be found in the Rollover Overlays Guide)


Confirmation Email

The email that is sent to the user upon confirmation of an order, the subject and template can be edited. Underneath the fields are explanations of the placeholders that can be implemented to automatically bring in the customers order information. 



Check or uncheck the default fields to enable or disable them within your order form. Underneath in the Custom Fields section, one can request customer information from a customer (ie Age).



The Postage & Packaging text and further information link can be edited to provide the customer with further information on company policy (such as returns). 


Print Form Options

Finally the form can be printed by the end users along with a custom logo that must be uploaded in the Files section of YUDU (top right menu, 2nd in from right). This could be utilised for billing or to take in to a shop/store.

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