Preparing & Upload Your CSV

Using the power of the SmartCat technology allows catalog publishers to automatically link all of the product codes within a digital publication in a matter of minutes.

Uploading a CSV to the digital publication containing such information as the Product Code and URL or Price, the digital publication can automatically link all of the codes referenced to the Price/URL specified in your CSV file.

Linking to a URL will mean that when a reader clicks the product link, they are taken to the predetermined URL in your CSV file.

Linking to a price and product description will add the product to the Shopping Cart Facility that allows the reader to submit an order form to the publisher via email.

To prepare your CSV file, open your preferred spreadsheet creator (eg. Microsoft Excel) and create the headings as per either of the below methods (using the EXACT headings):

Method 1 - Linking to a URL

Enter a product code and valid URL in each row underneath the headings.

Method 2 - Linking to the Shopping Cart Facility

Enter a product code, price and description in each row underneath the headings.

Once the spreadsheet has been completed with all entries required, click File -> Save as... and ensure that Windows Comma Separated CSV is selected:

The file is now prepared and ready for upload to YUDU Publishers eCommerce section.


Uploading to YUDU Publisher 

Now that the file is in the correct format we can upload it to YUDU Publisher.

Navigate to your digital publication in the system, click Settings in the top right menu and then select eCommerce:


Navigate to the Smart Catalog section and tick Enable smart catalog. Next, click Upload a Price List File:


Simply browse for your CSV file by clicking Select File then select a Special usage of Price List from the drop down menu. Finally, hit Upload File.

This process will automatically generate the links to the product codes that are evident within the digital publication.

FAQ - Why hasn't my publication automatically linked?

The main reason that an publication will not link is that the embedded text of the publication is not available or was not embedded during the production of the PDF. An easy way to check this is to navigate to the Pages menu, click the cog (settings button) underneath any page thumbnail, and in the Plain Text Field there should be the embedded text of the page.

For more information visit Optimising Your Files / File Specifications 

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