Publication Not Showing In App

There are a number of reasons that a digital publication that has been recently published may not show in your application. Here are a few steps to troubleshoot and ensure that your content is setup correctly.

Set To Public/Not Published

When publishing digital content on YUDU Publisher, one must first preview the publication (or proof) and then publish it live. There is however one extra step that needs to be taken, and that is to make the content public.

Within the Publish tab under iOS or Android, check that the publication has been made public. The screen below shows content that has yet to be made public.


Official Publish Date

The Official Publish Date is set when the publication itself is first created. Therefore if you begin production on 1st Jan and publish 7th Jan, the Official Publish Date is 1st Jan. Cloning a previous publication also brings over the previous Official Publish Date that may be far back in time.

The reason for troubleshooting this is due to the organisation of content within your app - by default, publications are arranged in date order, and if the date is seen to be significantly further back than your intended publish date, it may not appear on the first screen as you require.

To change this, navigate to the publication, select Settings -> General and navigate to the Official Publish Date section. Simply change this then hit submit.


Assigned to a Category

If Categories are present within your application, it may be fruitful to check whether the publication you are publishing has actually been added to a category, as failing to do so will not display the content in your application. See the guide below on how this is achieved:

Add A Publication To A Category


Accessability For Sale/Free/Subscription Only

Publications can be set to For Sale, Free or Subscription Only. If it is Free then skip this solution.

To check the current status, navigate to the Mobile menu of your digital publication and select either the iOS or Android sub tab, where the Selling options are displayed.

If the content is to be made available as part of a subscription only, the publication will need adding to a subscription (see Release Your Publication To A Subscription to find out how).

If the content is to be purchased via the relevant stores, an In App Purchase will need to be setup to ensure that the publication is visible within your application (only when the IAP is live will the content show, even if published correctly on the system).

See the following guides according to the platform you are currently publishing for -

Google Play In App Products

iTunes In App Purchases

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