YUDU Publisher applications allow for publications to be categorised according to parameters such as date, collections, etc.

These categories can also be displayed as visual (advanced) or easy (basic), examples of which are below: 

Advanced Categories


Basic Categories


The Advanced Categories option can be produced in-house by the YUDU Production Team or by a publisher - please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to add this to your application for more information.

Add a category

To add a category to your application, first of all navigate to the Group Node of your YUDU Publisher client area and select Categories from the top right menu:


Here the user will see the Manage Categories page which contains any previously added categories along with the ability to add, remove and reorder as required. 

Clicking Add Another Category will bring up the editable fields below: 


Category Title - this is the title of the category as it appears in the application. 

Contains All Editions - ticking this will ensure all publications appear in this category

Choose Thumbnail - Upload a JPEG image under the Files menu to be used as a thumbnail on your categories page

Default - Whether this is the default category that appears


Add Publications to Categories

Once the categories have been created and ordered as required, hit Assign Editions from the menu to assign the relevant publications to each category. 

In the example above we have categories for each year as well as an archive of all publications. Clicking Select All would see that all the publications entered this category.

Alternative Method

One can also add publications to categories at the publication level. As below, clicking Add this edition to categories will allow you to add the publication to your categories:

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