Replace Page Thumbnails

Users are able to change the page preview thumbnails that appear both within the system, in the digital flash publication and iOS/Android thumbnail view.

First of all you must prepare the thumbnails to upload to the system. YUDU Publisher requires that each page of the publication has a JPEG image replacement labelled as the page number - For example, 1.jpg, 2.jpg, etc, and with the exact dimensions of the original file.

To quickly and easily extract images of your pages conforming to these requirements, open up Adobe Acrobat and hit -

File -> Save As Other... -> Image -> JPEG


The images will be extracted as per the name of the file as such, and simply need renaming:

Changed to conform to the specification... 



To upload to YUDU Publisher, simply compress the files into a single .zip file and navigate to the Files -> Upload section. From here you wish to select the .zip file from your computer and select Replacement thumbnail zip as the Special Useage.



Upon completion of the upload you will be taken back to the Files menu where the file should be evident in the list:


You have now completed the overwrite and will be able to see the new thumbnails in various locations such as the Pages menu, mobile thumbnails and more... 

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