Cloning A Publication

Producing a digital edition from scratch has been made to be a simple process, however should you find yourself producing editions frequently with the same settings and branding it may be time effective to clone your previous issue, ensuring that all settings and branding are retained. This is especially useful if your editions are daily, weekly or even monthly.

To clone an edition, simply navigate to the previous editions overview screen by logging into YUDU Publisher and clicking on the edition name. 

Clone edition can be found to the right hand side under the Actions subheading: 


Selecting Clone Edition will present an option to name the new edition that is to be created. In this instance, we have named our edition Latest Edition Issue 2, with a short name appropriate to the issue:


Click Clone and the system will automatically generate a new edition, retaining all settings and branding, as well as the PDF and files that were uploaded to the source edition.

Upon completion, a notification will be displayed to confirm the edition has been cloned and you may continue production. 


View the Edit Pages guide to find out how to utilise the YUDU Publisher tools to remove the previous pages and upload your own.

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