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The new HTML OED toolbar has all of the available overlay types now visible across the length of the toolbar. Hovering over each icon will display a descriptive tooltip detailing each one.

Keyboard shortcuts


Clicking the ? in the top right of the toolbar displays the list of available keyboard shortcuts as in the above image. We HIGHLY recommend you implement the use of these into your production process as they dramatically increase the speed at which you can complete work on an edition.


A few very helpful shortcuts to mention are;

W: web overlay – by default, once you draw out a red overlay box the input field will be automatically activated so you simply start to type your address without having to click into the URL input field first (the same is true for email overlays too!)

E: email overlays

P: individual page link overlay

T: allows you to draw a box over an on-page table of contents and bulk create the page links

G: Once your TOC overlay is drawn out, hit G to generate and Enter to proceed.

Z: pressed once zooms in 1x, twice will zoom in again – SHIFT+Z will zoom out 1x or 2x depending on your depth of zoom.

CTRL+:CTRL or CMD and a selection of keys will produce a variety of results, S will save, left/right arrows will navigate through the pages – these are extremely useful time-saving tools when you have a large edition to work through.

To give a rough estimate; a 100-page edition that used to take the Operations team around 60 minutes to complete now takes us somewhere in the region of 20-30 minutes, thanks largely to keyboard shortcuts and the fact you no longer need to save after every page! (read on...)


Move pop-up menus using the top-left corner hand icon

Most toolbar icons when utilised come with a pop-up menu housing a multitude of relevant tools. These menus can now be moved around the screen making it more convenient for you. Typically, we move the menu closer to the area we’re working on to minimise the amount of travel across our screens to get to the tools we need.


No longer need to save your work after every page

Thanks to the use of local browser cache storage, you no longer need to save your work after every page, instead save every 15-20 minutes or so to keep your work up to date.

NOTE: if you’re logged out, simply log back in to the main edition tab and refresh your HTML OED screen then save.


Multiple users can work on the same edition together

However, do not work on the same page together – if two or more of you edit the same overlay you will receive a conflict message detailing your options to “save anyway” or “discard” It is best to avoid this scenario by working on pages individually.


On-page html previewing

Not applicable to all users of the YUDU Publisher system unless you use on-page HTML assets. You are now able to place your asset on-page in the HTML OED (Keyboard shortcut H) and use the “Toggle Preview” button on the pop-up menu to unzip the asset and display a preview of it in situ! Saving you the need to preview the edition for testing as was previously necessary using the old, Flash OED platform.


TOC overlays – bulk align

Bulk-align applies to two or more highlighted overlays and displays a new align menu allowing you to quickly move the overlays per a grid layout. Essential time-saver for areas such as on-page table of contents. If you’re anything like our Ops Director, Dan, with a touch of OCD, this will appease you greatly! Simply click/drag an empty box over multiple overlays to highlight them which will invoke the align menu as such:



How to get back to the Flash overlay editor for a short period of time

Should you find any problems with the new HTML OED and need to revert back to the Flash version in order to complete your edition, you can do so by accessing one of pages settings area. Go to Pages > click the cog icon under the page in question > “Edit Overlays” will display a dropdown box and select “Flash Overlay Editor”

NOTE: It is essential should you find the need to revert back to Flash, that you inform YUDU support of the problem you are encountering so that we may resolve the issue ASAP before Flash is turned off for good in the very near future. ETA – July/August 2020.


IMPORTANT: If you use computer cleaning software that clears caches and/or cookies you may find that the software wipes your work if cleaning operations are run between save events


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