Bulk Upload In-App Purchases (IAPs)

Note - To bulk upload In-App Purchases you will be required to own an Apple computer with Application Loader software

Instead of uploading individual In-App Purchases for your app, you may wish to add a large quantity, and therefore it would be quicker to add these via a spreadsheet upload.

Click here to download the template spreadsheet

The spreadsheet looks like the following shot and consists of:

  • SKU - in your application area, select the More drop down menu and select 'About This App' to see your SKU.
  • Product ID - Node ID of your edition (see THIS guide on how to find this)
  • Reference Name - The reference on iTunes Connect
  • Type - The type of product you are selling. Consumable is constantly purchased, where as Non-Consumable is purchased only once.
  • Cleared For Sale - Whether you wish to release the product immediately
  • Wholesale Price Tier - The pricing of your product
  • Displayed Name - Name displayed in app store
  • Description - Description of product
  • Screenshot Path - Path to the screenshot of the product on your computer
  • Effective Date - When the price is effective
  • End Date - Whether you wish for the price to have an end date


Once you have collated the required information into your spreadsheet as above, save this as a Tab Delimited txt file in your spreadsheet software and locate it in an easy place to find for reference later:


Now we have a completed file it is time to use our Application Loader software. Open and login to Application Loader with your Apple Developer account details, then click Import at the bottom of the main menu.


Navigate for and select your spreadsheet, following which the interface will change as per the below screen. This will enable you to make any changes, and may prompt you should you have any errors occur during the importing process (such things as the headings can prompt this).


When you are happy with your In-App Purchase details, hit Next in the bottom right hand corner and save the package to your computer, again in an easy to reference place.


Now that the validation process has been complete you will be presented with the final delivery confirmation. Hit Deliver in the bottom right corner to begin the upload to iTunes Connect.


When the upload has complete you will be prompted by the Application Loader program, by which you can confirm they are uploaded to the iTunes Connect website and you have now bulk uploaded your IAPs.

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