Enabling push notifications for your app

Now that we've set up an App ID, we'll need to configure it in order to enable push notifications.

If you aren't already signed in, sign into your Apple iOS developer account using your authentication details.

Click Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles on the right of the screen


On the next page, click on Identifiers

If you have many App ID's set up, then use the search button to find your App, otherwise, simply click on your App ID, then click the Edit button.

Scroll down, and click on the Create Certificate button in the Production SSL Certificate section.



Similarly to when you created your distribution certificate p12 file earlier, we're now going to create a similar certificate for push notifications.

Open Keychain Access on your Mac and from the Keychain Access toolbar menu select Certificate Assistant and then Request a Certificate from a Certificate Authority.

Enter the email address that is linked with your developer account, give the certificate a common name, for example: “YourAppNamePush”. Ensure you click the button Save to Disk and select Continue.


Save the file to your desktop but be sure you do not overwrite any other existing certificate files that you may already have created and remember to take a backup.

If you prompted to overwrite, simply change the destination folder where there is no other certificate residing.

Select Done.

Returning to your web browser, click continue on this screen, uploading the certificate you just created on the following screen, then pressing Generate to complete.


Download the Certificate and double click it from within your download destination (as default it should be in your downloads folder, unless you have specified otherwise). This will install the push notification in your keychain.

Open Keychain Access again, select Certificates on the left hand side and find your newly imported Push Notification.  Expand the certificate using the drop down arrow, then right click on the key and choose Export.

Give the .p12 file a name that identifies with your app (i.e. yourappnamepush.p12) and save it to your computer.  Give the p12 a password, and make a note of this, along with a backup of the p12 file.   You may be asked to provide your Mac username and password after verifying the p12 password.

Close Keychain access, and in the iOS Developer Portal, click Done.

Now that you have created your push notifications in iTunes Connect you will need to Add them to your YUDU Publisher account.

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