Apple Developer Account Setup

To deploy an app to the Apple Application Store we must first setup an Apple Developer Account which will allow the development, testing and distribution of your app.

Click the image below or head here and hit Enroll Now to begin:

To help you with the various information required and to distinguish between options during sign up, the most useful questions have been answered below:

Note: (More in depth FAQ's can be found HERE)

Do I need a Mac to develop iOS apps for the App Store?

Yes. You must have an Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X Snow Leopard or later to develop iOS apps for the App Store.

What are the fees associated with being an iOS developer?

The iOS Developer Program annual fee is $99, and in local currency where available. The iOS Developer Enterprise Program annual fee is $299, and in local currency where available. The iOS Developer University Program is free.

What will I need to enroll in the iOS Developer Program?

Individuals enrolling in the iOS Developer Program will need:

  • Legal name and contact information. Your legal name will appear as the “Seller” in the App Store.
  • A valid credit card for purchase.
  • We may also require additional personal documentation to verify your identity.

Companies/Organizations enrolling in the iOS Developer Program will need:

  • The legal authority to bind your company/organization to Apple Developer Program legal agreements.
  • A registered legal entity name. This name will appear as the "Seller" in the App Store. We do not accept DBAs, Fictitious Businesses, Trade names, or branches.
  • Address for the company’s principal place of business or corporate headquarters.
  • A D-U-N-S Number assigned to a legal entity. Learn more.
  • A valid credit card for purchase.

Which iOS Developer Program should I join?

Individuals and companies who intend to develop apps for distribution on the App Store should enroll in the standard iOS Developer Program. Join as an individual if you are a sole proprietor or if you develop under your own name. Join as a company if you are a company, non-profit organization, joint venture, partnership, or government organization.

If you are a company/organization creating in-house applications for internal deployment, join theiOS Developer Enterprise Program. To learn more, please read the iOS Developer Enterprise Program FAQs.


Go through and create your Personal and Professional profiles.

Choose iOS as your development target.

Go through and pay for the account - you should receive notification that payment was successful. However, it can take a few days to receive your login details for the account.

Once you have done this, we will need to authorise the Macs at YUDU to compile for your account. We can do this one of two ways:

Granting YUDU Access To Developer Account

If you wish to let YUDU have control of the account our team can do the setup for you - this involves YUDU uploading our private key to your developer account, then obtaining the distribution certificate so we can compile apps for distribution. In order to do this we would need the login details of your developer account.

Manually Create Distribution Certificate

The other method involves manually doing this setup using your own private key (you will require an Apple Mac of some kind to do this). Here is a help document on the developer site which shows you how to do this:

(You will need to be logged into your developer account to view this).

Essentially it involves generating a Certificate Signing Request using your private key, then uploading that to Apple. Once that is processed by Apple you can then generate a Distribution Certificate for your Developer Account.

Download the Distribution Certificate, then add it to your keychain. You should now have a private key/distribution certificate keychain pair in your keychain. Right click on this and select Export "iPhone Distribution:..". Give a filename and any password - you will need to supply YUDU with this password. Send the resulting .p12 file to YUDU, and we can then compile for your account. It might also be useful to give YUDU the login details for your developer account, so we can manage the apps, and also manage the distribution of the compiled apps.

In either case, you can send YUDU the UDID of any devices you wish to load the apps onto, and we can then compile apps for these devices.

To obtain the UDID of a device, navigate to the following website on the device you wish to retrieve the UDID for:

Once the iOS developer programme has been purchased and approved, please head here:

Login using your developer account details and proceed to answer the questions that follow.

Upon completion, please proceed to access the Contracts, Tax, and Banking section and fill out the top form. This is a necessary step in order for any submitted apps to proceed to the review stage.

The final step in the setup process; simply confirm the company name you wish to appear on the app store as the developer of the app. You can send this to YUDU via email along with the completed app brief for your convenience or direct to the technician that is producing your app if you have already been in contact with them

Upon completion of the account setup, Apple will verify that the details are correct and inform you when you are able to purchase the program on the Apple Online Store. After the purchase is complete, Apple will send an email within 24 hours on how to activate your membership.

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