What Is A Node ID And Why Is It Important?

Many times you may have looked through the YUDU Publisher system and help guides to see the term 'Node ID' scattered amongst the pages - but why?

First of all, a Node ID is a 7 digit ID for your particular edition - an address, if you will. Each folder, group or publication created on YUDU Publisher has a unique Node ID, and this can be found at the end of the URL in your browsers address bar when visiting the folder/group/publication in the system. An example of which could be:

The Node ID is important for support requests taken to the technical team as it allows all parties involved direct access to the applicable content. Of course we could take the publication name, such as "june 2014", however as you can imagine there are SO many issues published on YUDU Publisher that this becomes a significant draw back on timescales for providing support.


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