Create a Subscription Group

First of all we must create a Subscription Group within which subscribers will be added and then the subscription will have the publication released to it.

To get started, navigate to the Group node of your Publisher account (This is the folder that will hold your publications) and select Manage Subscriptions from the menu in the top left:

You will be presented with the Subscription overview menu where, after adding your subscriber groups, you will be able to manage your subscriptions and subscribers.

To create a new Subscription Group, simply click Create on the right hand side: 


The create new subscription screen will be shown below:

Subscription Name - When entering a subscription name, ensure that you enter a clear name which will ensure that it is easier to manage when multiple subscriptions are uploaded.

Location - Select the location of the subscription group, ensuring that it is located on a Group Node.

Subscription Type - The available subscription types are listed to the right of the editable fields and comprise of traditional, club and node:

  • Traditional - Subscribers will be able to access all publications in the subscription published while their subscription is active.
  • Club - Subscribers will be able to access all publications in the subscription (regardless of when the publications were published) but only while their subscription is active.
  • Node - Subscribers will be able to access ALL publications at this node while their subscription is active.

Description - For internal use, one can insert any notes to describe the subscription that only Publisher access users can see. 


Once the above information has been entered, click Save and a new field will appear near the bottom labelled Notifications


Enabling the Send Email Notifications feature will email the users each time an publication is released to the subscription and when the subscription is about to expire. Note: you must edit the templates in order for the feature to work correctly.

Finally you can enter the number of Authorised Devices allowed to access publications with this subscription. A device can be anything from a single PC/Mac computer, iPad, iPod, iPhone or Android hardware.


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