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Now we have created a Subscription Group we need to populate it with subscribers, and there are several methods to do this which will be discussed in this article.

Bulk Upload

see the Bulk Upload Guide if you wish to upload a large number of users/subscribers


Whilst viewing the list of subscription groups that you have created, select View Subscribers:


You will be presented with the subscriber overview menu below, currently without any subscribers:


In order to add subscribers we can use a number of different methods:

  • Manually - using the Create button, we can add individual subscribers to a new or pre-existing subscription.
  • Bulk Upload - A CSV containing a list of subscribers can be uploaded simply by clicking Bulk Upload. Click the link to the left or select the next article to learn more.
  • APi/Third Party Subscriber Service - An API is basically a webform that submits information to the YUDU service and populates the list accordingly. This is primarily used for publication and subscription purchases along with a third party payment gateway such as Paypal or World Pay. Furthermore if there are third party subscriber services you currently use, we can look into integrating this for you (please contact YUDU to find out more). 



To manually add subscribers, first click the Create button in the top right of the subscriber overview screen above, where you will be presented with the following screen:

Enter the Username of the subscriber which they will use to login to their subscription, along with the contact email address (this must be valid if you are intending to use the email notification feature - see Creating A Subscription Group).

The subscriber start and end date determines which publications they can view, with the publish date of a publication being set in the Publication Settings menu (this also depends on whether the publication has been added to the subscription - see Release Subscription).

Finally, the notes are for internal use but not required. 

Once the above details have been entered, press Submit and you will now be able to enter further details for the user.

Information marked with an asterisk in this form are required, with information such as the location being optional.

Number of devices - This is the number of devices/computers that a user can use to access the subscription, with a PC, a mobile or a tablet counting as one device. Once the user has hit their allotted number and tries to login using an additional device/computer,  they will be informed they have reached their limit and to contact the publisher.

Note - the default number of devices is 6

Should you need to edit the dates or notes at this stage you can using the options at the foot of the form, however once complete simply hit Submit to add your subscriber.

Following submission the subscriber will now be added to the subscription and can be found in the subscriber overview screen, for example:

From here, any details can be edited using the tools to the right hand side, including editing the dates, viewing the number of logins used by the subscriber, and revoking access completely. 


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