Bulk Upload Files

The YUDU Publisher system allows for multiple files to be compressed into a single .zip file and uploaded, saving time over individual uploads, and handy should you wish to create an interactive and rich multimedia publication. 

Note: all files supported by the single file upload facility can be used, however please ensure there are no folders within your .zip file.
Mac users can download YemuZip to ensure this does not happen.

Bulk upload is primarily used at the publication level for uploading multimedia directly for use in a specific publication, however this can also be used at the Group node should you wish to use files across multiple digital publications.

To get started, click Files in the top right of Group or Publication node: 


Next you will be presented with an overview of the files currently uploaded to the node along with the date they were uploaded. Click Bulk File Upload:

Select your .zip file by clicking Select File and navigating to it on your machine. Once found and selected, click Upload File to begin the upload process and, once complete, the Files screen will be displayed once more with the additional files that have been uploaded.


Mac users often find that a Mac_OSX folder is placed within .zip files created on OSX. Download YemuZip to solve this issue.
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