Note: statistics are available on iTunes Connect for in app purchases (chargeable publications) and application downloads on iOS

YUDU Publisher statistics provide 24/7 online access to real time measurable results that provide instant feedback so you can effectively gauge the success of your digital publication. Comprehensive reports provide vital stats for marketing intelligence and monetization, and are available to you at any time with the click of a button. 

To access your statistics, navigate through to the publication on YUDU Publisher and click Reporting -> View Statistics in the top toolbar to the left.


YUDU Publisher will display the various platforms that the system can publish to, where you can then click the platform to view the relevant statistics. In this instance we will be looking at flash statistics.

  • Flash - Web (combined link) and Flash statistics combined
  • iDevice - If you have an iOS app, view these statistics
  • Air - Android statistics (air-android) with other statistics if you have had a specialised app made for desktop.
  • HTML - HTML only statistics (if published to Web, see Flash stats)

After selecting a platform, the user is presented with the statistics collected as overview headings - clicking on any of these headings will give you in depth stats for that section: 

Breakdown of statistics sections


Number of visits; number of new visits; average visit length (sec); average number of page views.


Number of views; average view length (sec), number of clicks, as first page, as last page


Emailweb; searches; downloadsshared; subscribed; logo; videos watched; videos streamed; bookmarks; notes; page links; slideshows viewed




Number of visits; number of visitors;

average visit length (sec); average number of visits; number of return visitors; number of visitors who did not return






A breakdown of the number of views per country


A breakdown of ‘journey’ each reader took throughout each publication


If your app has registration enabled then this page allows you to see the email addresses and other details entered by users.


Page/URL/Number of clicks

Sharing analysis

Page; page number; extra information; sharing action; count

‘View iTunes Financial Summary’ and ‘Audit Events’ are also available from the reporting dropdown.

Subscriber Logins Report

Emailweb; searches; downloadsshared; subscribed; logo; videos watched; videos streamed; bookmarks; notes; page links; slideshows viewed


You may notice that sometimes the total results on the "Visits" page are different from the number of visits on the "Visitors” page.

The reason for this discrepancy is that the "Visits" page shows pure visit information, collected for every single visit, however brief, whereas the "Visitors” page shows aggregated information, and to become a "visitor" you must have visited the edition and logged a page view - by either staying on one page long enough, or by proceeding to navigate to another page within the edition.

This can result in the "Visitors" section showing fewer results than the "Visits" section."




Each statistics section has a Date Range that can be selected for specific reporting. 

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