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YUDU digital publications allow for the integration of Google Analytics through the simple use of the Web Property ID code that can be obtained from your Google Analytics account.

If web tracking is not setup in your Google Analytics account, see the following article:

Web Tracking: Set Up Overview


Find your tracking code & property ID in your account

To find your tracking code, follow the steps below:

  • Sign in to your Analytics account, and go to the admin page
  • Select an account from the drop-down in the Account column
  • Select a property from the drop-down in the Property column
  • Click Tracking Info

The property ID is a string like UA-000000-01. The first set of numbers (000000, in the example) refers to your account number, and the second set (01, in the example) refers to the specific property number associated with the account. The property ID is in large font on the Tracking Info page. You can also see the entire string in the first few lines of the tracking code. The automatically generated tracking code snippet appears in the box. Note that any change you make to your tracking code in your development environment – like if you’ve added Events or Ecommerce tracking, for example – are not reflected in this snippet.

Add Tracking Code To Your Publication

To add the tracking code to your publication, navigate to the required digital publication and enter the Settings menu

From here, scroll down to the Google Analytics subheading and enter your Web Property ID into the field

Scroll down, hit submit, and your Web Property ID is now linked to your digital publication for tracking via Google Analytics*.

*it can take up to 24 hours to begin to populate

Note: be aware that Google Analytics data is populated by tracking different metrics to that of YUDU Publisher. We advise that you select only one means of tracking since the figures will vary.



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