Self Hosting Digital Publications

Although YUDU invest in high quality, high performance and high security servers, we can appreciate that some may wish to host the digital publications on their own servers, and that is why we can come up with a simple solution.

It is possible to host any of the technologies that we publish into, including:

  • Flash
  • HTML
  • iOS
  • Android

Please Note - before you continue, check the Publish screen of the publication to see if it is a web publication (labels next to iOS and Android). If this states Flash or HTML, this guide will not work. Speak with a technician on live chat, telephone or email for help.

There are two methods by which you can self host your content, by means of a manual upload to your server or pushing directly via FTP.


ZIP folder method

When publishing your content live on the Publish tab, a .zip file can be generated holding the contents of your publication. After extracting the contents, you can then upload these to a server you control.

If you do not see the Publish to zip button and require upgraded permissions, please contact


FTP server method

More work initially to setup but much easier in the long run, you can add your FTP server details to YUDU Publisher, and have the system push your digital content to your server automatically.

To setup this feature, please forward the following details to and your Assigned Technician will apply them to your node:

  • Server URL
  • Username
  • Password
  • Base Directory
  • Base URL (Your domain, eg

Please note that the user access given must have permissions to both read, write and delete from the server to function correctly.


Self Hosting iOS & Android Content

Self hosting content for iOS & Android is the same workflow as the zip folder method above.

Publishing the content to a .zip file, this will need to be extracted and hosted on your public facing server.

On the server, you will be required to setup a main folder per platform containing the publications for that particular platform eg iOS.

Upon completion of the upload to your server, you must provide the URL that point to each platform folder. For example:



Following the provision of the URLs to YUDU, your Assigned App Technician can then build these into your applications so that the correct content is served.

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