Link Directly To A Page

When sending out a digital publication most likely you will send the live link to your Flash or HTML published content, however what if you want the edition to open on a specific page via a link?

Here is how to accomplish this on each technology...


With the publication open, click the Sharing toolbar icon and select Send to a friend...

Next you have the option to send the link to the entire publication or to an individual page, and it is the link to the page you can copy - for example will take the user to page 2 of this digital publication

The format of this is *Live URL*/resources.*Page Number*.htm, so changing the live URL and page number you require will give you the direct link.


Much like the Flash version above, the HTML version has the following direct page format:

To confirm, the format is *Live URL*/reader.html?page=*Page Number* so simply replace the live link with your own and the page number you require.


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