The YUDU Publisher system allows content to be provided in PDF form, enhanced and then published to apps on iOS, Android, and desktop; as well as to stand-alone digital publications in the browser.

While a variety of assets and enhancements can be added to publications, the most powerful and flexible type of enhancement is HTML. This allows rich animated and interactive content to be layered into the publication, and can support almost any effect or function the publisher wishes to add.

This document references the Dynamic Layers demo publication published in the YUDU Media app: 

Click to download the YUDU Media App on iOS

Page references to the above publication are in bold.

The source files for the examples referenced can be found attached to all articles at the bottom.


Types of overlay

There are two ways that dynamic HTML content can be added to a publication within an app:

  • Lightbox - where the dynamic content should appear above the page instead of on it
  • On-page - where the dynamic content is directly layered onto the page, covering part or all of the page

In addition, several of the app-level pages support HTML content, especially the welcome page, and much the same set of functionality and requirements applies there too.

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