Publish Your Publication

Upon completing your digital publication with the features and benefits required, the final stage is to publish to live and let the world view your digital content.

To send your publication live, navigate to the Publish section of the publication production screen, accessed on the far right of the menu:

First of all, a preview must be generated and proofed to check that the last changes have taken effect and you are happy with the publication. 

Select Billing Type

When publishing with YUDU, you will either be Pay As You Go or have bought pages in advance, for which you will have a counter containing the amount of pages pre-purchased. For example, users can have a combined 'universal' billing type that includes all platforms, however one can also have separate counters for each platform (Flash, HTML, iOS and Android).

Simply select the counter from which you wish for the pages to be removed - Dont worry, YUDU displays a message to let you know how many pages are to be removed and the allowance after publishing:

Following confirmation of the billing type, simply click the Publish button to send the publication to the fixed live URL links.

The URL links are generated on and is followed by generated characters and the short name of the digital publication. An example of the live links are below:

The Live At link is the best link to use as this automatically redirects the user to the best version of the digital publication. For example, if the publication is viewed on a PC or Mac it will display the Flash version, and if viewed on a mobile or tablet it will display the HTML version.

Should you wish to display ONLY the Flash or HTML version, the two links below the Live At link will produce this result.

iOS and Android Publishing

Publishing to the mobile platforms is marginally different to publishing on the Web tab in the fact that when you publish a publication there is an extra step. 

Note: During the production of Android publications, generating a preview will then allow you to immediately publish live without the need for the following proofed stage, however to republish the live version must be unpublished.

Once the publication has been previewed, users must ensure that the publication has been set to Proofed in order to be able to publish live (see Preview Your Publications).

Upon proofing the publication, the tab should appear as such, and again you will have to select the Billing Type (more on that further up the article)

To publish your content, click Publish on the right hand menu and after a short period, a new option will appear to make the publication available:

When the publication is to be made available to the readers, simply click Make public and the publication will be released to the iOS application.

Completing the above steps will ensure that the publication is available on the platforms you require and live ready to distribute to the world.

Scheduled Publishing (iOS and Android Only)

Users have the ability to publish content but only make it live on a select date and time - see the following guide on how this is achieved:

Scheduled Publishing (iOS and Android)


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