Reserving An App Name

You can reserve an app name before submitting the app (or even building it). Once you reserve a name, you have one year to submit the app to the Windows Store and/or Windows Phone Store. If you do not submit the app within one year, you will lose the reserved name, and it will be made available should another developer choose to use it.

Note  Make sure that you have the rights to use the name that you reserve. If someone else has trademarked the name, they can report an infringement and you won't be able to keep using that name.

To reserve a new app name

The steps below show how to reserve a brand new name in your Windows Store Dashboard.

Note  If you have already reserved a name in the Windows Phone Dashboard, it is already reserved and available for you to use in the Windows Store. You can select this name when you submit the app. SeeEntering your app's name for more info.
  1. Click Submit an app.
  2. Click App name.
    Note  If you already have one or more names reserved, you will see two options here. Select the radio button for Create a new app by reserving a unique name, and then click Continue.
  3. In the App name text box, enter the name that you want to use. This value must be no more than 256 characters.
    Note  Be sure to enter the name exactly as you want it to appear. Make sure to double-check your spelling and capitalization.
  4. Click Reserve app name.
    Note  If this name you entered is already reserved or in use by another developer, you'll see an error message and won't be able to reserve that name.
  5. On the confirmation screen, click Save.

Make sure that you use the reserved app name as the DisplayName in your app's manifest.

If you are unable to reserve a name for which you hold the trademark or other legal right, or see another app in the Windows Store using that name, contact Microsoft.

If you want to reserve additional names for your app for use with other language versions, you can do so by clicking Reserve another name from the confirmation screen. For more info, see Entering your app's name.

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