Submitting App To Google Play

This guide will detail the steps required to upload the application provided to you in .apk file format.

Please follow all the steps in this guide sequentially to ensure your app goes live with minimal hassle.


1. Login to Google Play to access the developer tools:

(If you do not have an account you may register via this link for $25 per year)

2. Initiate the process once logged in by selecting Add New Application.

3. Enter the default language and app title. Once this is filled in select Upload APK

4. Select the Upload your first APK to Production button.

5. Add the APK file YUDU have supplied to you at this screen.(Once done, the APK tab on the left will have a green tick indicating that steps completion.)

6. Select the Store Listing menu option


7. Enter the following mandatory information.

  • Title – This is the name of the app as it appears in Google Play store listings
  • Description – A text summary of the applications content and function
  • Screenshots – Please upload at least 2 screenshots in total
  • High-res icon – A 512x512px icon images
  • Application type – Set this to applications
  • Category – Choose a relevant category for the apps content
  • Content rating – Please specify the rating of your content
  • Privacy policy – A link to the publications/companies Privacy policy.

Once done select the Save icon at the top of the page.

8. Select the Pricing & Distribution menu option.

9. Add the following mandatory information.

  • Application is Paid or Free – This button specifies whether the container (not content) is paid for, or free
  • Country distribution – Select all countries if you want to deploy your app to all possible Google Play stores or select them on a per country basis
  • Consent – Make sure you tick both boxes for Content guidelines and US export laws.

Once done click the Save icon at the top of the page


If If your app is to have in app purchases to allow users to purchase content within the app, follow the next steps. These steps should be repeated for each item you want to sell. If your app is going to be launched with free content, proceed to step 14.


10. Select the In-app products menu option.

11. Select the blue Add your first in-app product link.

12. Enter the following information.

   - Select Managed Product

   - ProductId MUST be in the format edition<nodeId>.

  • The NodeId is the unique identifier for an edition that is hosted on Yudu.
  • You may get this by navigating to the edition you want to sell in Yudu and finding it in the address bar of your browser.For instance viewBookInformation.htm?nodeId=3326805
  • We are going to prepend edition to this Id and use this as our Product Id in Google Play. So for example edition3326805 would be valid.
  • Please contact our Livechat service if you need any support with this.

   - Submit and move to the next menu.

  • Title is name of in-app purchase. Most likely will match title of content.
  • Description is name of edition.
  • Default price is the intended selling point in your currency.
  • Select Auto-convert prices now to convert into localised currencies.

   - Press Save at the top of the screen.

   - Press the Inactive dropdown listing and switch it to Active.

13. Select the Services & APIs menu panel.

14. Copy the Base64-encoded RSA public key given and send it to your designated app technician at YUDU. This will enable purchasing to be set up correctly.

15. Send the app live. Please select the button in the top right hand corner and switch it to Published to set your app live.

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