Find the NodeID From Your Live Link/URL

Note - the easiest method to obtain a Node ID is within YUDU Publisher as shown, however if you do not have access you can use this method to obtain it without visiting the system

Many users who have had communications with the YUDU Support team will know that the first thing the team require is the Node ID.

The Node ID is the unique address of your digital content or folders within the system, much like the address of your home or office.

The Node ID is provided at the end of the URL whilst you are in the YUDU Publisher platform, for example - the node ID is 4877380

To convert the URL such as we must convert the random 5 character code before the short name into decimal (this may sound complex but with the following tool it is very easy).

Copying the 6 character code before the short name A2wh6x, remove the A at the begging to get your 5 character code, such as 2wh6x.

From here navigate to the following site:

Punch in the 5 character code in the From field and, ensuring Base-36 and Decimal are selected, your Node ID will be presented in the To field.

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