Why Did My Upload Fail?

Sometimes you may experience a failure to upload a file, whether this be a PDF or multimedia, and therefore it can be due to a number of different reasons:

  • File location incorrect - Any files are accepted when uploading directly to the edition, however higher up (at the Group or Folder level) one cannot upload PDF files for example. The system will prompt when the file is not compatible.
  • Internet Connection - Check your internet connection is both connected and stable, as wi-fi or hotspots (particularly with larger files) can sometimes disconnect.
  • Session timeout - roughly within 15-20 minutes the YUDU online session will time out, and therefore you will need to ensure that the upload process is able to complete within this timeframe. To avoid this, optimise your PDF and multimedia files, and should it be extremely large, upload in separate parts (for example, split the PDF into bite size chunks).
  • File is corrupt - Check the file works on your computer before uploading to Publisher. For example, ensure a video plays all the way through with the correct audio.
  • File incompatibility - Certain file types are not accepted by the system and therefore it is best to check the file specification page for the best file format and optimisation.

Should you feel that you have checked the above and the file is still failing to upload, click the live chat support icon in the bottom right of your screen to discuss your issue with the support team directly.

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