Adding New Users

The YUDU Publisher system allows multiple collaborators to gather resources and publish using the same publishing area, at any time from any location.

Setting up new users could not be easier, and simply requires that you be logged in to the YUDU Publisher system at the location that you wish for the collaborator to access. i.e. if you wish for them to view only a particular folder, follow the instructions below whilst in that folder. 

In the top right of each page within the system is a Users link. Once selected, an overview of the users currently at this node are presented.


Click Create to get started, or click Edit next to any pre-existing user to edit credentials and permissions.

Displayed here are the details for the user that they will provide to the system to login, and it is recommended that the username be the collaborators email address to easily remember and identify them.

All fields with an asterisk are mandatory, with location and telephone number being optional.  


Tree Permissions

Tree permissions determine which folders and publications that the collaborators are allowed to access.

If you have created the user at the home node (the folder you see upon initially logging in) then all of the files and folders will be presented. 

If the user is created at a higher node, such as a Group node or Publication node, then limited options will be available here. 


Role Sets

The final section of creating a new user is setting the roles and permissions. This is crucial as it determines what tools and features that are available when the user logs in to the system.

YUDU Thoroughly recommends providing only the permissions required for that user - for example tick View reports under the Statistics subheading if all that is required are usage data reports.

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