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Action Script documentation?

Under settings - what are the choices for Action Scripts and what are the settings? I don't find any documentation.

Jack Griffin

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Hi Jack,

Historically, the YUDU Publisher system utilised ActionScript 2 however as time has passed this has become phased out and now the system (for new digital editions) uses ActionScript 3.

Something to note is that when cloning previous digitally published content it will retain the old ActionScript version and therefore we recommend that you publish new editions instead of cloning from those produced over a year ago.

New features to ActionScript 3 include the use of MP4 videos within Flash digital editions, and the same can be said for the branding that has been updated.

Templates for ActionScript 3 branding are available below:

Furthermore we will be increasing the number of articles and resources available that will provide templates to produce dynamic digital content in the correct format for the platform, enabling publishers to produce the best content.

Many thanks

Ray Roocroft
Customer Experience Manager

Ray Roocroft
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