Google Play "Ad Status"

Clients who have a YUDU Android app currently live on the Play Store will have received the email below requiring action within their account.

Please be advised that the YUDU Android apps do not utilise this feature and as such no immediate action is required. The YUDU App Technicians will be working through the maintenance updates in the coming weeks and will attend to this setting at that point.

Hello Google Play Developer,

We're writing to remind you to complete the ads declaration for one or more of your apps. After January 11, 2016, the “Ads” label will be expanded to all apps on Google Play, and the ads declaration will be required to make any updates to your apps.

You can follow these steps to complete the ads declaration:
Sign in to your Developer Console.
Select an app.
On the left side, select the Pricing & Distribution page.
Scroll down to the Ad Supported header, and fill out the ads declaration.
You can visit our help center to learn more about the "Ads" label.
While developers are responsible for accurately declaring ad presence in their apps, Google may verify this at any time and display the "Ads" label if appropriate.

If you feel your app has been incorrectly flagged for containing ads, please contact our policy support team.

The Google Play Team

If you have any questions regarding this please get in touch with the team -

Many thanks,

YUDU Support

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