Toolbar Branding (Flash)

In the following guide we provide details on how to edit the toolbar colour and icons using the default template for Flash based digital publications.

Features that can be edited within this branding pack include:

  • Toolbar Icons
  • Toolbar Colour
  • Tick box Colour
  • Default Fonts
  • Media Browser
  • Drop Down Menu & Search Result Colours
  • Order Form
  • Scroll Bar Icons

Should you require to edit the toolbar for a HTML publication, this is a slightly different process and you can find the guide by simply clicking the image below:


Before we begin... 

In order to edit flash branding, users must have Adobe Flash Professional installed. Although the guide outlines the steps taken, knowledge of the Flash platform is recommended.


We supply the following style of templates, however of course you can edit these as you please (click on an image to download the template pack).

new style (mimics HTML branding - best for cross platform)

old style 


Understanding the interface

Opening the downloaded template in Adobe Flash you will be met with the following screen:

  • The central area is called the stage and is where we will be editing our content.
  • To the right are both the Properties of the content you currently have selected and a Library of the content in the flash file (such as images, buttons, etc).
  • Finally at the bottom we have the timeline that contains the different elements of your Flash file, such as Actions, Controls and Images.



Editing Toolbar Content

To edit the content of the toolbar, open the Library on the right hand side, right click any content and click Edit.... This will then appear in the stage for you to edit as below:


List of folders

In the Library of the template downloaded you can see the following folders and their editable contents:

  • ButtonBits - Toolbar icons
  • ButtonGraphics - Hover over of toolbar icons
  • Media - Media Browser
  • Menu - Drop down menu items
  • OrderForm - order form icons, buttons, etc.
  • Scroller - scroll bar elements
  • Search - look of the search bar results
  • Toolbar - toolbar background colours


Publish Your Custom Branding

Once the changes required have been completed, we need to export the work to an SWF format, otherwise known as publishing within the Adobe suite. To publish your content to a SWF file, in the File drop down menu select Publish Settings... and you should be met with the following screen:

From the screen above, we can see that Flash (.swf) is ticked on the left, that the output file is named and location selected, and the JPEG quality (100) and Enable JPEG deblocking are selected. It is essential that these options are selected to provide the best quality content in the correct format.


Upload & Apply Your Custom Branding

To upload your customised branding to your publication, navigate to the Files section and click Upload File. Select your SWF file and a Special usage of Custom Edition Branding as shown below:


If you wish to upload it at a higher level so that you can re-use the branding on other publications, you can upload it to your client area or group node (where your publications reside) by using the same method above - clicking Files at the required location.

To apply the customised branding, navigate to the Settings -> Branding area of your publication, and from the Toolbar style drop down menu select your customised branding file.

Scroll down to the bottom, hit submit and regenerate your preview link to see your customised branding!

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