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As a YUDU Plus user you can also create a subscription group to sell access to multiple items - or multiple issues - over time. It's especially useful if you have a weekly or monthly magazine or if you have an eBook that you update regularly. As publisher, you can choose to add back issues to the group to create an archive, and also any additional material that could enhance the subscriber's experience, such as video interviews, podcasts and bookmarks. You can also use the subscription group to market additional publications, for example, by giving members a free issue or a teaser version of a sister publication to entice members towards an additional subscription.

You will also be able to interact with your subscribers via the subscription group's discussion forums, in order to get valuable feedback and build relationships and loyalty with your readers. The forum also give the group members an opportunity to interact with each other.

When setting up a subscription group to sell your publications, you determine how much subscribers will pay for a period of time, up to one year. The subscriber will then gain access to all items within the group for that period. Each time a new item is added to the subscription group area, your subscribers will receive an update on email. When a subscription group member is approaching the end of their membership period they will receive an automatic internal message and email to inform them that their subscription is nearing the end and will be renewed automatically. If they do not wish to renew their subscription, they will be instructed on how to cancel it.


Create a Subscription Group

To create a subscription, navigate to the My Library section of the website, select the Create New... drop down menu then select Subscription Group


On the next screen simply enter the details of the subscription such as its description, categories, tags, language and finally the content that is to appear within it.

Once you have created your subscription, simply add items to it using the menu at the bottom of the edit screen for your subscription, then select Edit Selling Options

The following information is available on the Change Selling Options menu however it is posted here should you wish to have an explanation of the options before progressing further.


You earn up to 75% of the sales value depending on whether you decide to pay a referral fee to help boost your sales. Find out more. YUDU PLUS allows you to form a sales contract directly with buyers. YUDUfree simply provides all the administration, collects the money and distributes the money directly to you and the referrer, after deducting our commission charges.

YUDUfree simply charges 25% of the selling price (unless the price is less than or equal to £2.49, when a surcharge of £0.05 per item will also be charged). To keep administration simple, YUDUfree uses PayPal to process the sale and the charges are paid by YUDUfree.

Money earned from selling your items will be paid into your registered PayPal account by YUDUfree on the 28th of each month, as long as your account balance exceeds £20.00. PayPal will make a small handling charge for this service which will be deducted from the monies transferred.(More details).


By default, other YUDUfree Plus users will be allowed to create Referral Sales for your items, which means that if they generate a sale of one of your items by referring a customer to the site, then they receive 10% of the sale fee. If you prefer, you can disallow this feature by un-ticking the box below. Bear in mind that you may receive fewer sales if you do so. Please see the Terms and Conditions for more details.

International currencies

Currency:We have chosen GBP (Pounds Sterling) as the base currency as we need a standard for all transactions. Paypal allows both sellers and buyers to pay and receive money in most currencies but these will be converted from GBP at the exchange rate PayPal is using at the exact time of the transaction.

Note: YUDUfree currency rates are updated daily and are approximate values based on the current nominal exchange rate. You will be credited in GBP, and the exact value to you of the purchase will depend on PayPal’s exchange rate and/or your card issuer.

Subscription details

This item will be sold as a subscription. There are two subscription options:

  • Subscription Club. Subscription Clubs allow you access to all back issues in addition to each new issue as it's published - direct to your inbox. No commitment, no fixed term contracts - all issues currently published in that title for one fee.
  • Traditional Subscription. Prefer something a bit more traditional? No problem, we offer subscription packages that are very simple - just like your print subscription to a magazine, you pay for access to upcoming issues - pay for 6 months and your subscription is set up to receive the next 6 months issues, and will roll over automatically. You can monitor your subscription at any time in your Paypal account.


You will be able to choose a period for the subscription in the options below. YUDUfree will collect the subscription price from your subscribers once every subscription period. Your account will be credited with commission every time this happens.

Please note that the subscription period will fall due on different dates for each customer, starting from the date on which they began their subscription. For example, if you choose "monthly" in the options below, each customer will be billed monthly starting on the date which they subscribe (not necessarily on the 1st of each month).

If a subscriber cancels their subscription agreement with PayPal, then they will cease to be able to view the item at the end of the current subscription period (i.e. at the time when the next payment is due).

If a subscription payment fails, then:

  • For subscriptions with a period of 14 days or less, their subscription will be cancelled immediately
  • For subscriptions with a period of more than 14 days, the payment will be retried after 3 days, then retried again after a further 5 days. If either retry succeeds, then the subscription will resume as normal, otherwise their subscription will be terminated


either: Subscription cost (due once per period) (GBP):
or: Price I get paid (due once per period) (GBP):
Subscription type:
Subscription period:
Notify subscribers whenever a new edition is added:
Allow referral sales:
Price I get paid after deducting referral fees (GBP):
Please confirm that you have read and accepted our Terms and Conditions and that you have the right to sell this content:

(Please note that you will not be able to delete a digital edition once any users have paid for access to it.)


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