YUDU Plus - Create an Album

An Album enables you to group items together, whether this is a collection of photos, music or other content, and offer it as a single item on the YUDU Library. The content can be offered for free or for sale, however once set to free it cannot then be offered for sale, so please bare this in mind when creating your Album.


The album will appear as a single item in the Explore and Search pages.

You cannot choose to sell this type of album at a later date: if you want to sell the album please choose "For sale" below.

For sale

A for sale collection is a way for you to bundle several items together and sell them as a single unit. This could be a music album, a collection of magazines, or a book with associated images, music and links. The value of any sales will be paid into your Plus account (less YUDU's commission -- see T&Cs)

For sale collections may only contain items which you have published, and must contain at least one item which could be sold individually (i.e. they cannot consist entirely of Web links)

The items which you place into the for sale collection may also be individually for sale, or they can be available only though the collection, at your choice.

For sale collections will appear in the Explore and Search pages next to other published items on the site, in the "items" tab.


To create an Album, navigate to the My Library section of the website, select the Create New... drop down menu then select Album


The next step is to select whether you wish for the Album to be available for free or for sale, along with the type of album so that people can find it more easily (of course this does not restrict what you can put within the Album).

Once selected, you are now able to enter details such as the group description, tags (associated words to the group) and categories that the group will appear in.

Click Add Items at the bottom of the screen to add content to the group and should you wish to share the group, navigate to the Share This Options tab and send it to your friends, family or colleagues.

If the Album is to be offered for sale, you can edit the price and availability by clicking the Change Selling Options button on the edit screen of the Album.

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