How To Install A Windows App

First download the .EXE (installation) file from the location it is hosted. Upon confirmation that it is downloaded, it will appear on your system in the location you selected as below: 



Double click the downloaded file to extract the App installer. Users of Windows 8 and above may be prompted as below - click More info to show the Run anyway button and select this to proceed with the installation.


You can now select where to install the App to your machine along with preferences such as whether you would like to open it immediately after the installation is complete and the addition of an icon to your desktop. Click Continue to begin the installation.


Once the installation has complete, the App icon will appear in the location selected for you to begin enjoying digital publications.


"I double click the Installer file and nothing seems to happen..."

This may occur if you have an older version of Adobe AIR, the underlying technology behind the applications. Please update Adobe Air by clicking on the following link and downloading/installing the latest software:

Adobe Air Download

Restart your computer following the complete installation and your application should now install as per instructed in the guide.

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