Brand Your Rollovers - Flash

Note - To edit the flash branding you will require Adobe Flash Professional or CC

In this tutorial we will be using the following default flash rollover template which you can download to follow the guide and produce your own branded rollovers:

Flash Rollover Template




Editing Rollover Branding

To begin, open the .FLA file from the template in Adobe Flash and you will be presented with the following screen:

As you can see the stage appears blank and similar with the timeline, however the elements referenced can be found on the right hand side:

  • BuyButtonMC - This is the default purchase button
  • RolloverBackgroundMC - The background image/colour of your rollover
  • RolloverWithImageMC - Default rollover with image of product
  • RolloverWithoutImageMC - Default rollover without image of product

Selecting any of these from the right will show you a preview of how they currently look, however to edit these, right click the element you wish to edit and select Edit:


Upon selecting Edit you can now see the element in the centre of your screen waiting to be customised.


Above is the default rollover (RolloverWithImageMC), and below is the default rollover without an image (RolloverWithoutImageMC):

When editing elements, be sure to retain the existing boxes for each item (picture, submit button, title and price) as these are referenced in the YUDU system.

You can of course change the font, and it is recommended that if you do, the Font1 and Font2 within the library to the right are changed to embed the fonts you have used within the file.


Publishing Your Branded Rollover

When you have finished branding your rollover template, it is at this stage you need to publish the file to an .SWF. To do this, click File - Publish Settings...


Here we can specify a number of options including output location and quality.

Ensure that the JPEG quality is set to 100, JPEG deblocking is selected and that you have selected your output file name and location. Last but not least, ensure Flash is ticked on the left hand menu, then go ahead and click Publish:


Uploading Rollover To Your Publication

To upload the .SWF, navigate to your digital publications file menu and select upload file. From here, navigate and select your .SWF file, and from the Special Usage drop down menu select Rollover SWF:

To apply the customised branding rollover file to your publication, head to Settings - Branding, scroll down to the Rollover subheading and from the drop down menu select your customised .SWF file:

Hit submit and you have now applied your branded file to your publication. Regenerate a new preview on the Publish tab to see your new branding in action!



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