YUDU launches BookSnacking discovery tool

On Tuesday, a large crowd gathered at the Tech Theatre for the launch of BookSnacking, a new way for publishers to share previews of ebooks in the browser. This affordable service costs £100/$150 a book and can be delivered within 24 hours.

BookSnacking is designed to engage readers quickly. The reading experience emulates that of a bookshop, as readers canread pages or even a chapter before deciding to buy. Both digital and print books can be promoted using BookSnacking.

Rather than constantly generating new content for sharing ideas about books, publishers can simply upload their actual books to the YUDU platform, and our team will process and return the live link that can be shared across Social Media.

The launch talk was delivered by Richard Stephenson, YUDU CEO: “Book discovery is the greatest challenge that publishers face today. YUDU BookSnacking aims to provide a powerful tool for marketeers.”

From a readers perspective it’s an instant reading experience with no waiting around for books to download. For publishers this speed in a digital world will get their content seen faster.

Tiling technology handles even the most complex images with excellent resolution on all screens, including retina screens. Being able to showcase content in this format not only gives publishers the ability to give readers the opportunity to sample content but to also deliver an excellent quality of reading experience which will convert even the most skeptical reader.

The main advantage of this format over competing ways of sharing ebook samples is strategic control. Full statistics and data collection opportunities are available and we believe that this will give publishers the background data they need.

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