Amazon Developer Account Setup

To deploy an app to the Amazon Application Store we must first setup an Amazon Developer Account which will allow the development, testing and distribution of your app.

Click the image below or head here and hit Enroll Now to begin:


To help you with the various information required and to distinguish between options during sign up, the most useful questions have been answered below:

Note: A more in depth FAQ can be found HERE

Q: Which mobile operating systems does Amazon support?

Amazon currently supports the Android operating system on devices running Android OS 2.2 and higher.

Q: What is my revenue split with Amazon?

Amazon pays developers 70% of the marketplace list price for all sales.

Q: How much does Amazon charge for using its developer program?

The program is free. You pay nothing to create a developer account, use Amazon APIs, and submit apps.

Q: Can I list (or post) free apps?

Yes. You are welcome to give away free apps on Amazon.

Q: Do I need an Amazon account to be a part of the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Program?

Yes. We recommend that you create a new Amazon account specifically for the Mobile App Distribution Program.You can create an account when you visit the Amazon developer portal.

Q: I sell an app on Google Play. Can I submit the same app to the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Program?

Yes. The Amazon program is non-exclusive.

Q: Where can I see the Amazon Mobile App Distribution and Services Agreement?

When you sign in to the Amazon developer portal, you will see a link to the agreement at the bottom of the page. Review the current version of the Amazon Mobile App Distribution and Services Agreement

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