Add A Gatefold

The addition of a Gatefold to your digital publication can extend the usable space significantly with a very easy to implement yet nicely presented Gatefold.

To add a Gatefold to a publication, first you must have 2 single pages available to be moved to the Clipboard. These will become the front and back of the gatefold page (in a real physical format, a page has a front and then you can flip over to view the back), and this can be done in one of the following methods:

  • If you have two pages within the Pages menu you would like to use, simply click and drag them to the right until they are deposited in the Clipboard.
  • Upload a separate PDF in the Files menu that consists of 2 or more single pages but named differently to the original PDF uploaded. This will automatically place them into the Clipboard once processed.

Upon completion of the above, click the Settings icon (small cog at the bottom corner of each page thumbnail) to view the page settings, and navigate to the Gatefold subheading.

Ticking the Attach gatefold option will bring you to the following menu:

Clicking the Add within the outside or inside will assign a page to that particular purpose, remembering that, like a physical page, there is a front (inner) and the back (outside).

Hit Submit at the bottom of the page once you are happy with your changes and regenerate your preview to view the finished article.

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