HTML Reader Updates

No sooner have the team released the HTML Reader solution that YUDU have updated the platform to provide further features and benefits for both publishers and readers.

The main features include archive viewing, thumbnail views, search facilities and editable branding throughout for the HTML Reader.

Editing HTML Branding

With the increase in features and benefits for the HTML Reader, the team have decided to release a HTML branding pack, allowing the publisher control over the true look and feel of the digital content they produce. Not only are you able to edit the introduction page and background colours, but now one can edit the entire toolbar look and feel, along with various assets surrounding your content.

CLICK HERE to read how you can begin to create your own look and feel.


HTML Reader Toolbar


Archive View

Users have the ability to view an archive of content published in the same folder as the edition currently being used, providing further issues or relevant content to the readership:

You can find a guide on how to add/remove archive view from your HTML Reader edition here.

Thumbnail View

Clicking the thumbnail view link will present the users with an overview look of the publication with thumbnail images of each page, making it easy to navigate to the required page or section of content they require:


Much like the browser and mobile versions, the HTML Reader has the ability to search the content of the edition by simply typing a search term in the toolbar to the right of the toolbar. Once you hit enter the search terms are displayed as a list of results, a snippet of the paragraph is shown and clicking this search term takes you directly to the content:


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