What Is Purging Content?

During discussions with the YUDU Support Team or just generally on the net you may have encountered the term 'purge' or 'purging content' - What is this?

In the YUDU context of purging content, when a digital publication is published live, the content is sent to several servers around the world. When a user requests to read the content, the files are then copied to a server location local to the reader.

Now imagine that the publisher decides to update and republish their publication, YUDU will send the new version over to each and every server. Sometimes, however, this can mean that old or 'stale' content, is not removed and therefore users can experience the older version instead of the updated content.

In order to remove the old content the servers must be 'purged', deleting the previous version and replacing with the newly updated publication.

Should you experience this with a YUDU hosted digital edition, please contact the Support Team using the live chat link at the bottom right of this screen, we would be more than happy to help.

If the experience is with a Self Hosted Publication, consult your Network/Website Administrators for further information.

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