Feature Release - HTML Reader

Today marks the live deployment of the highly anticipated HTML reader, specifically the roll out of the phase 2 feature set enriching the platform further.

Here is the low down on the features brought to the HTML Reader in Phase 2:

Video and Audio

On-page video and audio is now supported. Accepting standard MP4 and MP3 files, this is another HTML 5 feature. It's up to the browser itself to display the video, which means that different browsers may show different video players, depending on how you look at the publication.

Table of Contents

Much the same feature that you're used to seeing in the Flash reader, this has multi tiered table of contents.

Thumbnail Navigation

Like native iOS, this allows you to scroll through the pages in an publication, choose one and have the publication move to that page.


Including Email, Twitter and Facebook - works much like the Flash version, you can share the current page or the first page in the publication.

DRM/Publication Protection

One of the larger features, this works much like the Flash version (with some security improvements).

Product codes and Product Rollovers

Now bringing this feature up to parity across platforms, product codes and rollovers are supported on Flash, iOS, AIR, and HTML readers. You can now use the SmartCat features to add product codes and rollovers to your publications.

If you do not currently have the HTML Reader features enabled, simply contact your Account Manager or and we would be happy to activate this for you.

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