Custom Push Notifications

Custom Push Notifications can be send to your readership via an iOS Application up to once a week, whether to promote material or make aware of deals and services.

Push Notifications can be customised either for the App or on a per publication basis.

To send customised push notifications, first of all you must ensure that your push notification certificate is created when building the application, guides of which can be found below:

Enable Push Notifications For Your App

Add Push Notifications To YUDU Publisher


Per Publication

When the publication is published live to your application, the push notification that is sent as default can be customised to your requirements.

To do this, navigate to your publication on YUDU Publisher and click the Mobile tab in the menu in the top right corner:

From here navigate down the page until you reach the Custom Push Notifications sub heading and enter your customised notification message (explanations of each can be found underneath the fields):


Per App

To send customised push notifications for your application, navigate to your Group node on YUDU Publisher (The name of which is typically the app, where the publications are contained) and click on Push Notification in the top menu:

Selecting Push Notification will present you with the following menu where you are simply required to enter a push notification and hit Send Notifications, however please note there is a limit of one push notification per week:

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