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"...people are important and what is even more important is speaking to a human being rather than a computer - this is the YUDU Support ethos."

As the digital age took hold through the internet, home computers and smart devices, it became a given to receive a direct line to friends, family and business' around the world - even more so now that social media has such a dramatic impact on a company's public image to ensure all customers are given the best service each and every time. Many large business' struggle with this pressure, and we thoroughly believe this is due to customers becoming a number rather than a human being with a real question to answer (have you ever had that feeling when running through the telephone barriers of "press 1 to..." that you are just a number? me too).

The YUDU Technical Support Team have always strived to be the most knowledgeable, experienced and proactive service representatives, not only in the digital publishing space, not even just in technology, but the world.

Through our relatable approach and friendly manner, we build a relationship with each and every person spoken to, whether it is Joe Blogs with a small leaflet for the village fair, or a blue chip company with multi-million pound turnovers, people are important and what is even more important is speaking to a human being rather than a computer - this is the YUDU Support ethos.

Today we are happy to provide not only our fantastic telephone service, intuitive help guides and videos, as well as our in depth knowledge base and support system. In our effort to provide a transparent, immediate and relationship driven service, YUDU have teamed up with Zendesk to provide our new live chat facility that enables each and every user to discuss their digital publishing requirements, humble or ambitious, with the accommodating support team.

Using the experience of such a variety of platforms, requirements and ultimately that human relationship, the team are happy to provide you with an insight into the digital publishing industry, how we can help you and ultimately how you can make your content both successful and profitable.

So, what are you waiting for? If you wish to speak to a real, experienced and friendly support team, hit the talk to YUDU button at the bottom of any page - we're more than happy to help.

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