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As well as the various articles covering the production process from the initial upload of a PDF through to the more powerful tools on the YUDU Help & Support System, YUDU Publisher also offers video guides to complement the written articles.

Simply click on one of the following video links to see a step-by-step tutorial, complemented by a written article and links to our discussion forum.

Getting Started

Preview/Publish Your Content

Editing Your Content

Edit Publication Branding

Table Of Contents

Sharing Options


Publication Settings

Editing Publication Pages

Relabel Pages

Adding Overlays

Adding Rich Media

Automatically Generate Page Links


Create A Subscription

Add A Subscriber

Release A Publication To A Subscription

DRM Protection For Flash Publication


Mobile Publication Management


View Your Statistics


iTunes Connect

Setting Up Your Distribution Certificate

Enable Push Notifications For Your App

Adding Push Notifications To YUDU Publisher

Add Test Devices

Create An Ad-Hoc Provisioning Profile

Create In-App Purchases








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