App delivery FAQ

1) What do I need to get started?

You will need to complete a simple form and supply us with some key assets (background images, copy, etc.). Once we have built your container, you can start creating digital publications to be included within it, which will require a PDF and any multimedia assets you want on your pages such as videos, images for slideshows or interactive overlays.

2) How long will it take to get me on the app stores?

Building your app may only take two or three days, plus any additional time involved in your approval and amends. Apple have stated that it can take anything up to 28 days for an app to be approved. That said, most of our apps take 10 days, but we cannot guarantee this.

3) Will one app work on all devices or do I need one for each operating system?

YUDU produce two application types: the native application and the cross-platform application. The cross-platform application is often used by education publishers and corporate training providers, and provides notes and highlighting functionality – ideal for the classroom.

The native applications are built specifically for the platform they are to be used on, so an application can be built solely for iOS or solely for Android.

The cross-platform application operates on Windows, Mac OSX, iOS and Android devices with the exact same look and feel across the board.

For more information on the two applications and how they would apply, please do not hesitate to call or email YUDU.

4) Will I have to share the app with others?

The apps that we build for you are entirely your own and you will not be sharing any in-app promotional/shelf space with any competitors. You will probably choose to include several of your titles within a single app, which creates your own library.

5) Can I proofread my publications before they go live?

Yes. You can generate as many previews as are necessary to proofread your publications before they appear in your app. Simply log onto the proofing app and test it out. If you are producing digital publications for your clients, you may wish to have your own branded proofing app so that you can offer the same service to them.

6) Can I add interactivity to my publication?

Of course! With our Dynamic Layers feature you are able to overlay interactive content built in HTML, JavaScript or CSS directly onto pages, either to be downloaded with the publication or streamed via the internet.

7) How can I get on the Apple Newsstand?

In order to get on the Apple Newsstand, your title must be a periodical – that’s a magazine, newspaper or similar – and you need to have a subscription option, whether it is free or paid for. If you are a publisher with multiple titles, each must have its own individual app. One thing to note is that once you have chosen to have a Newsstand app, you cannot switch this to a normal app, as each type of app build is permanent.

8) Can I control who can access my app?

Certainly. All YUDU applications can be protected via a username and password facility, allowing you to produce a ‘closed-access’ application.

Furthermore, each login has a pre-determined number of devices it can access, so you can rest assured your content is safe with YUDU.

9) How secure is my app?

Applications are a very secure method of providing digital content to your readership through subscription and offer several layers of protection, from the store that it is hosted on, to the fact that the content cannot be ripped/removed from your publications.

This can be further restricted by a closed-access app controlled via a username and password should you have sensitive information.

10) Can I get stats and user data from the app?

Yes you can. YUDU provides statistics for each publication published in the app. The download information of each application can be accessed through the relevant aggregator store (iTunes, Google Play, etc.).

11) Is there a limit to how many publications/books/magazines I can place in the app?

There is absolutely no limit.

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