Links in HTML content

Normal HTML links can be included in any of the above types of HTML content. By default, when a link is tapped, the linked content opens in the same frame used for the current content (so if the link is on the welcome page, the user will see the welcome page content switch to the new page; if the link is in a lightbox, the new page appears in the lightbox). 

To change this behaviour, add a ‘yuduBrowser’ parameter to the URL. For example:

Value Example Description
Lightbox  Opens the link in an HTML lightbox over the top of current view. 

Opens the link in the in-app browser, if it is enabled.

If the in-app browser has been disabled, opens in system browser. 

system  Opens the link in the device's default browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.) 

For an email address, use a mailto prefix as normal:

<a href="">Email us</a>

To link to a different page in the publication, use the following custom format, replacing ‘X’ with the page number: 


<a href="page:X">Page Link</a>

To link to a specific page in a different publication use the below format, replacing ‘X’ with the page number: 


shortname: the url schema  is set when the app build, please contact production if you need to find out the shortname for your app. 

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