Introduction to eCommerce Digital Publications on Flash

Give your customers the experience they deserve with high-quality pages either just like your print catalog or with entirely new layouts for the tablet. Our catalog features will increase your revenues and save you costs.

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How easy is it to create a digital catalog?

If you are publishing straight to the web, you simply upload, produce and publish using YUDU Publisher, and your catalog can be read online.

If you require a tablet app, the same catalog pages can be hosted in a Catalog Shopping App, ready for your customers to download from the stores. In short, you can access YUDU Publisher from anywhere at any time. Sign in, create and publish to iPad, Android and the browser.

How does e-commerce work within catalog shopping apps?

You can access our wide range of catalog-specific features that we collectively call SmartCat technology.

SmartCat allows you to automatically link all of your products to their associated pages on your e-commerce site – just upload the product codes and the links they should go to and you’re done. Build upon this by easily adding additional links for the product pictures with shortcuts and straightforward tools, like our SmartTab features, or push interactivity even further with HTML5 content, such as product breakaways.

SmartCat also includes a shopping basket within your browser publication, just in case any of your users want to order something on the fly without visiting the site.

Tablet customers simply tap on the cart icon in-app to head to the checkout, or add products to a wishlist while they are offline. No need to leave the app!


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