Tabs allow users to extend the publication page surfaces via the use of a pop out tab from the side, top or bottom of a page in the flash based browser publication. Tabs can contain multimedia, images and even a PDF to increase the useable space.


To access the default styling options and more for Tabs, click Settings, then select Tabs

The default values presented in the Tabs menu allow you to change the colours of the tab and whether automatic features are enabled. Finally using the drop down menu at the bottom the tab location is selected (top, bottom or side).


All the values are also customiseable when creating Tabs for a publication.

To create a tab, click the cog in the bottom right corner of any page in the Pages menu, then click Edit Tabs.

from here, click Create New Tab.

Creating a new tab is very easy with customisable text, colours, automatic flash/slide/play modes and finally of course you can select content uploaded previously or directly from a URL.

Tip: In order to use stored content you must first upload your multimedia, PDF or image using the Files menu.


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